Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chefs Gregory Johnson Sr. & Mildred Johnson are members of APPCA

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Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Served as Culinary Arts Instructor for: Washburne Culinary Institute, Kennedy-King College, Triton College.

Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

This note is to thank Chef Greg''O for the incredible service he provided for my birthday party. During the planning phase, Chef Greg''O asked several questions about what I had in mind for the menu and made suggestions to complement my preliminary menu ideas.

The end result was a food presentation that the guests raved about. I received so many compliments on the choice of menu and the services of Personal Chef Greg\'O.

I found Chef Greg'O to be passionate in his pursuit of the right choices for the menu and his discussion of how the meal would be prepared. He clearly enjoys what he does. Once the menu was set and he knew the atmosphere I wanted to create, I felt confident based on our discussions that I could cross the meal off my \'to do list\'; Chef Greg'O had accepted the job. I particularly appreciated the feeling of being able to leave everything regarding the meal in his hands.

On the evening of the party, Chef arrived and completed his preparations. I was out doing other things, not at all concerned about food preparation.

When party time arrived, Chef Greg'O set up everything, the food presentation was beautiful. In addition, Chef Greg'O and Chef Mildred each looked fabulous in their chef jacket and torque blanche.

If your intent is to put on an outstanding event which includes a wonderful meal that your guests shall not soon forget, call Chef Greg'O and relax.

Stephanie Mills

To whom it may concern:

I am writing in recommendation of Chef Grego, who’s service we have been using for over five (5) years. He came recommended to us by Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago and other parties that were familiar with his services.

In the period that we have engaged his services he has prepared banquet meals and related services for events such as our Sweet Heart Dinners for donor and contributors, financial supporters of our Illinois Conference United Church of Christ. He has also served our Conference Council (Board of Directors), the Ministry Leadership Team (our ministers – in other churches called Bishops) and at other gatherings of pastors and congregations, local churches.

We have found the services of Chef Grego to be excellent, professional and of high quality. The food prepared has been of fine taste, excellently well served and receiving fine remarks.

We highly recommend the services of Chef Grego to you for your catering, banquets and meal events.

Rev. Dr. Jorge L. Morales
Conference Minister

Before meeting Chef Greg’O I spent years being afraid to cook and I didn’t have a clue about how to shop for fresh ingredients or how to use spices. Food preparation was intimidating, lasted too long, and shopping was something I would put off because of the feeling of dread I would have from not knowing how to shop for and use even some of the most basic ingredients. After a few sessions of working with Chef Greg’O, I was able to prepare and present full home-cooked nutritious meals. And as my skills improved so did my confidence. Whether your goal is to learn basic skills or to refine advanced techniques, Chef Greg’O’s decades of experience shine through in his patience, knowledge and encouragement. Chef Greg’O has knowledge of various styles of cuisine and culinary techniques that are sure to enhance your experience. I absolutely recommend Greg’O Inc. and I will continue to call upon Chef Greg’O for advanced lessons and my catering needs.”



Dear Chef,

"I had the great pleasure of enjoying Chef Greg'O's magnificently prepared foods on the weekend of August 28th at Family Focus' Lawndale Center. The food is prepared with fresh ingredients, perfect spices and beautiful presentation. We hope to contact with Chef Greg'O in the future for other events whether they be breakfast, lunch or dinner. I know the food will be prepared with health consciousness and attention to great taste. The Chef is also a participant in our social service programs teaching our youth about healthy cooking and eating. He is a treasure for Chicagoland and I wish him much success into the future.


Merri Ex,
CEO and President of Family Focus.

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a current Active Duty service member stationed in the Chicagoland area and I just wanted to pay it forward and submit a reference letter for a Veteran , a former service member , and an incredible Chef.

I stumbled across Chef Greg'O website while I was looking for a personal chef to prepare an awesome meal for myself and my family during our Valentine's Day celebration at our residence. Out of20 to 30 personal chefs that I looked at online I chose ChefGreg'O to do the job for us and boy did he come through and most importantly the lady of the house was very pleased. As a fellow service member , my expectations was very high and I must admit that they all were met. We enjoy Chef Greg'O professionalism and desire to please his customer in accommodating us in every way possible.

I would highly recommend Chef Greg'O services for the most prestigious jobs in the Chicagoland area whether it be the minor preparation of family meals to the much larger company or group functions.

Again, if I had to put together any event that I would need a culinary expert I wouldn 't hesitate or even think twice about calling anyone else other than ChefGreg'O.


Marcus Murray
SFC, US Army

"Last minute I was looking for a private chef in order to cook a special Valentine's Day meal. Never having hired a professional chef I had quite a few questions. Chef Greg helped walk me through the process and pair a fantastic meal with the main dish that I knew my wife and I wanted. The level of professionalism that he displayed while in our home was tremendous and allowed us to have a beautiful evening. With regards to the food, well, it was delicious and exceeded my expectations. The unique blends of flavors and made from scratch courses really had given me one of the best meals we have ever had, even compared to all the five star and renowned restaurants we have been to over the years. The next party we have that we are not up for cooking, we will definitely be looking to bring Chef Greg onboard!"


Thank you,
The Ladies really enjoyed it. Words cannot express the overwhelming thanks for having Chef Grego prepare that delicious breakfast. In the group was: a cps speech Teachers, a retired cps Administrator, a RN, a Minister, an Asst Budget Director, a social service Planning Director, an Asst Clerk of the Circuit, and a retired President of Cook county, along with a cook county commissioner who stopped by.

Bobbie Steele

Chef Greg O I want to say thank you for your wonderful service! I live in another state and needed to make sure that my elderly father had access to good nutritious meals. Chef Greg O delivered!! On a weekly bases he brought to my father meals that were not only nutritious but tasty and easy to reheat. I did not have to worry about my father having access to good food. Again, I can't thank you enough for your excellent and reliable service!

Martina Bouey

To whom it may concern,

It is with deep humility and great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for Chef Greg "O" Johnson. It has been my privilege to have known Chef Greg "O" since

1985. I have known Chef Greg "O" as a student, as a community and military leader, as a father, as a husband and as a Master Chef. I have had the honor to be an invitee

to Chef Greg "O"'s graduation presentation. I have also been the benefactor of some of Chef Greg "O"'s commercial presentations. I have also been a recipient of that

personal invitation to sit at Chef Greg "O"'s home dinner table, to sit with his family and mine to enjoy a meal of nourishment fine delectable delights. Chef Greg "O" has set

the bar of excellence for "presentation and content" that exceeds all norms.

I would also like to recognize a characteristic of Chef Greg "O"'s that goes beyond professional protocol. In addition to being an extraordinary Presenter of meals and menus, Greg "O" is a man of God and he shares those characteristics and values of God with his client base. I have always known him to be passionate, responsible, honorable man full of professional integrity. However it wasn't until February 2012, that I realize how spiritually centered Chef Greg "O"'s menu is.

It was then in February 2012 that my Oncologists informed me that I had Lung cancer. That my cancer was in stage 4, that the cancer was small cell and that I only had 6 - 8

weeks to live. Well of course being the man that I am, I called out the prayer warriors. One of those prayer warriors was Chef Greg "O". Chef Greg "O" not only responded

with prayer, but he also brought with him a dish that he called "root soup". At the time of his visit I had loss some 30 or more pounds and the doctors were telling my wife

about all the nutritional foods that I should be eating at that time. Chef Greg "O" explained to me all the ingredients associated with his Root Soup and suggested that I at least try it. He shared with me the story of his mother who is also a cancer survivor and a benefactor of his root soup. Chef Greg "O" also shared with me his personal story of being a cancer survivor and being a benefactor of his own Root Soup.

Now it will take Chef Greg "O" to tell you the ingredients and how to prepare his Root Soup, but I want all to know that I too am a "benefactor" of Chef Greg "O"'s, Root Soup.

I can't say that the Root Soup was my cure-all, but what I can say is that the Root Soup played a major role in the restoration of my health. I raise this point because knowing

Chef Greg "O" the way I do, knowing the humility that he approaches life with. Knowing the humbleness, meekness and the kindness that he approaches all he knows, I know

he may not tell everyone his whole story. Chef Greg "O" is a master Chef, and he's great at preparing traditional meals and menu's for elaborate celebrations, but he's also a master at creating healthy meals and healthy menus.

Finally, I know Chef Greg "O" to be a businessman of integrity, looking to represent the best interest of those he serves.


Gordon Mosley, Jr.

Chef Greg O has been cooking meals for our family for over a year now, and we love it.  My husband and I are both doctors so our schedules are very demanding leaving us little time or energy to cook for ourselves and our son.   In case you are not familiar with a personal chef, he will come as often as you choose, and will ask if you have specific requests, but if you don’t want, he will chose several wonderful dishes to prepare.  He will then shop, arrive at your home to cook for several hours, and then clean your kitchen leaving you the delicious meals to eat and/or freeze.  Having Chef Greg prepare us delicious, healthy meals has eliminated struggling with the question “What are we going to eat for dinner tonight?”  I have enough left to take to work for lunch so it’s also eliminated the cost of lunches and replaced them with dishes that are much better both nutritionally and in taste.  Having Chef Greg prepare vegetarian dishes from organic and local produce has helped me accomplish my wish to be more environmentally friendly and healthy as well.   Chef Greg prepares dishes that are full of fresh herbs and spices so they taste wonderful (and our house smells great after he has been here).    He has cooked a wide variety of different dishes and literally all of them have been delicious.  I’ve referred several of my colleagues who have said the same.  I absolutely recommend him to your family or for a gathering.  

Y. Murphy MD
W.Wojcik MD

Dear Chef Greg’O,

Just wanted to let you know how delighted we were with your services for our Oktoberfest party last week.  The food was delicious and your service was excellent.  We enjoyed having both you and Clotine here at our house.

The menu of freshly made weiner schnitzel, bratwurst, sauerkraut, red cabbage, spaetzel, potato pancakes, apple sauce and apple slices was perfect.  Our guests raved about the food and most certainly ate their fill.  I was fascinated with your preparation for this event and your traveling kitchen.   You certainly are an impressive chef!

In years past, Chuck has spent his entire time at the grill making the bratwurst.  It was so nice to be able to spend time with our guests rather than worry about cooking. I couldn’t believe my eyes when it was time to leave and you and Clotine had cleaned up my entire kitchen!  What a perfect way to end a party.  No dishes!

Thank you for making the whole experience so easy.   From our initial contact, you were professional and a joy to work with.  We especially enjoyed the personal service provided.  Giving us suggestions for the menu, coming to our home to look at the workspace, shopping for all the food items and meeting you beforehand made the whole process stress free.

Again, thank you for helping to make our Oktoberfest a perfect party.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends and feel free to use us as a reference.  We look forward to working with you in the future.


Linda and Chuck Bareis

When I first started looking for a caterer for my graduation party I was overwhelmed with the proposals that I was receiving. The prices were all over the board and the menu choices were set with few or no options. That was until I talked to Greg of Greg'O and explained to him what I wanted. After speaking with other caterer's and then speaking with Greg I knew that he would cater my party.

Chef Greg has the mix of professionalism and pleasant personality that a makes doing business with him very easy. He was very helpful in explaining what he would do the day of the affair; he worked with me on my menu and delivered top notch service at my graduation party. He was on time, the food was EXCELLENT and ready when my guest arrived. "If you are looking for a chef that has an excellent, flexible menu that is "finger lickin good", professional, and willing to work with you to make your day exactly what you have envisioned then Chef Greg of Greg'O is the right chef for your affair."

Thanks Greg and Mildred for helping me make the day special. I will be calling you for the next party.

Michael Heard
June, 2010

I had 2 guests from abroad for one week recently. I am a terrible cook and lazy to make things worse. Of about a dozen chefs I tried to contact only 2 answered (these 2 people obviously take their business seriously) and I ended up hiring Greg for the week. He was punctual on our appointment (thank God) and he made sure he understood what kind of food my guests would like. These people eat hot food in their country - and I mean real hot! They chew Jalapeno and Habanero peppers on the side with their meals. I don't know how he tasted it but he got it hot enough for them to appreciate. I for one was running around rinsing my mouth. Not only hot and spicy food but they also wanted only seafood and vegetarian and they are women at that (no offense in that). Greg did all the purchasing (what a relief for me!), cooked the right amount and I ended up looking like the perfect host.

I have to say Greg is REALLY good at his profession and would not think twice in calling him again if I ever needed a chef.

Admasu Kumssa, MD

Larry and I just wanted to thank you and your wife from the bottom of our hearts for helping make our 25th Wedding Anniversary Celebration a memorable occassion. We can't express our appreciation towards you and your lovely wife. We could definitely tell from the taste of the entrees that you both prepared and cooked them with love! You made the event very easy for me to enjoy. We have gotten so many compliments on how wonderful the food selection and taste was.

I've even had people to call me raving about the great taste, moisture and presentation of the food, and requesting for your contact information. May God continue to bless you as you are blessing others!

With Much Love!
Larry and Bev Williford

Chef Greg Johnson was a ROCKSTAR during Camp Triton 2010! His ability to connect with students of all ages and engage them was remarkable. The feedback we received from the parents was overwhelmingly positive. It is a rare quality to incorporate learning and fun to keep young student's attention and Chef Johnson demonstrated this skill repeatedly. We look forward to having Chef Johnson continue his work with our programming.

-Jon Grigalunas
Assistant Dean
School of Continuing Education
Triton College

The Chef has now served as an instructor with the Continuing Education department at Triton College for 8 months. And in that short period of time he has made an tremendous impact on our non-credit culinary program. Not only has he brought a great deal of integrity to the program but he has also brought his passion of promoting healthy yet tasty eating to both our adult and youth populations. Many of the students as well as the parents of our youth have expressed their extreme gratitude for the care the chef puts into his instruction. I am very honored to have him on our team and I am in great anticipation of our program continuing to grow. LOOK OUT FOR US!

Coordinator, Continuing Education
Triton College
Jesse Ivory

I woke up Wednesday, April 28, perplexed about what I was going to do for my mother's 70th Birthday. She woke up that morning very thankful to be 70, heathy and happy, but had no idea how she wanted to commerate this joyous occasion. Should we go to a restaurant to celebrate? Maybe we should we have a nice meal at home? We were clueless as to what we were going to do to, but I knew this was not a birthday that could go uncelebrated.  About mid-day, something hit me and I  immediately went into "make it happen" mode. I called a good friend, Andrea Adams, and explained that I wanted to have a chef cook dinner for my mom and at least 14 of her closest friends. Andrea provided Chef Gregory's number and the rest is  history! Chef Gregory and I spoke; I informed him of the specifications for my mother's senior citizen soiree for 15 health-concious women who are no strangers to the kitchen. The Chef left nothing to complain about and many things to praise. The service was outstanding and the meal was a culinary delight for all. There wasn't a morsal left on anyones plate. My mom especially enjoyed the evening. She was able to entertain and enjoy right in the comfort of her own home! She and her friends are still talking about the chef, the meal and the evening. His promptness, professionalism and great personality only added to the delight of this wonderful evening.Thank you, Chef Gregory, you are highly recommended!

Monica Morrow.

The evening of my 70th birthday is a day I will never forget. The Chef came in with a beautiful smile, ready to cook for "Miss Mildred." The meal was simply scrumptious and the atmosphere of great friends was delightful. I will never forget this great celebration. Thank You, Chef Gregory, for the delicious food, your warm personality, your professionalism and a spectacular evening. I would recommend you to the White House.

Mildred Smith

Hiring Chef Greg was the best decision our family could have made! He is such a professional and his meals are unbelievable! He is the only way I got my 3 year old to eat vegetables! Being a busy family it was nice not to think about dinner after a day of running around.

We recommend Chef Greg to all of our friends and have used his services for social events as well. He is an excellent Chef! We are so thankful that we found him!

Robbie and D'Rita Robinson
D'Rita Robinson
Dreams By D'Rita

As a single parent with a high profile corporate career, Chef Greg was a tremendous help in preparing meals on a monthly basis for my daughter and I to eat.  We had a different meal each day that was delicious and nutritious.  Often we think of just buying the TV dinners in the grocery store that has chemicals and preservatives that are not good for you.  Chef Greg’s meals are prepared fresh in your own kitchen, put in freezer containers and placed in your freezer.  The greatest gourmet meals you ever wanted to taste!

Carole Carter
Program Manager
Continental Automotive Systems

While my mother is fighting breast cancer, Chef Greg stepped in to prepare nutritious, healthy meals for us.  Without his services we would not have made it through.  We have no family in the area and Chef Greg and Mildred have continually come to our rescue by preparing meals on short notice!  Thank you, Chef Greg for always being there.

Christa Carter

Chef Greg has volunteered his time and services to prepare meals for breast cancer survivors after surgery and during treatment.  He has taken the time to sit and talk with their families, find out what their taste and prepared meals for their families.  He has been a great asset to the Big Girl Faith Foundation in helping us help women survive breast Cancer.

Carole Carter
Big Girl Faith Foundation

If you're looking for fine cuisine for that special occasion or just something casual, Chef Greg'O of 'Greg'O' is the person you want! His food is delectable and delicious or I should say it's the 'piece de resistance'. I highly recommend Greg'O for any and all occasions.

Sandra Rhodes-Wayne, Owner
Wayne's World Travel

"While recovering from simultaneous bouts of COPD/asthma, congestive heart failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure, my mom wasn't eating due to not having an appetite to eat and not liking the taste of whatever she did eat. Chef Greg'O agreed to prepare some meals for her that would build her appetite, energy and strength. When he cooked, the aroma alone was inviting and stimulating! Thanks to Greg'O, after a few weeks, my mom's energy increased, her skin color normalized, and both her appetite and taste buds improved."

Bernadine Cooper

"Creative advice and excellent service. It is an experience that I would repeat and share with family and friends. I felt beautiful all day. Oh, if my mother could see me now!"

Anna Joyce Davis

January 29, 2003

Personal Chef Services
P.O. Box 62
Oak Park, IL 60303

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter on behalf of Chef Greg'O. My wife and I lead extremelybusy lifestyles with little free time to ourselves. Although we enjoy cooking, we prefer to prepare mealswhen we have time. During the week we often find ourselves cooking late into the night or ordering out.

After a few months and many pounds later of carryout and delivery we decided to hire a personal chef. We searched the internet and came across Chef Greg'O's website (Greg'O) and found his rates to be very reasonable. Chef Greg'O prepares generously proportioned meals to your liking. He is very organized, flexible, and prepares a wide variety of meals (including middle eastern and Caribbean cuisine) so that the menusare rarely duplicated (unless by request). While we are at work

Chef Greg'O prepares our meals at home and leaves the kitchen spotless when he is done. When we get home theMeals are warmed up and ready for eating. The meals are healthy and less fattening. Within the first two weeks I lost twelve pounds and my wife lost five. My wife and I would highly recommend Chef Greg'O as your personalChef. He is dependable, trustworthy and most of all his food tastes great.


Ron Champagne, M.D. and Nani Moazzam, M.D

Serving Chicago and its Suburbs