Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chefs Gregory Johnson Sr. & Mildred Johnson are members of APPCA

Personal Chef International Code of Ethics

Certified Personal Chef
Food Manager
Licensed & Insured

Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Served as Culinary Arts Instructor for: Washburne Culinary Institute, Kennedy-King College, Triton College.


If you're interested in FRESH,HEALTHY,SAVORY,and DELECTABLE Meals for you,family or guest please contact us. We offer a vast variety of services and it would be our privilege to come your home or office to prepare Savory Fresh Meals weekly,Bi-weekly or at your convenient. So please contact us to see how GREG'O INC. can provide the finest services to you at an affordable price for all of our services.

Inclusive in our fee is an adequate food cost which is satisfactory for most palates but for those with more refined request their is a surcharge.


Under Services we offer Senior discount, Romantic dinners, Fine dining dinner parties, BBQ's, Private and Group cooking lessons and Lectures.

Greg O Inc. Cooking Courses

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A Cooking Course for all Season
4/6 Weeks, 1 Evening/Day per week 
Duration 2 hours

This class is designed to introduce you to how to utilize the freshest Produce, Herbs and Spices to prepare so the Seasons Finest Meals. This is a class you definitely dont want to miss. This class is great for everyone. 

Planning a Dinner Party or Intimate Dinner
4/6 Weeks, 1 Evening/Day per week 
Duration 2 hours

This very detailed class will teach you how to prepare The Ultimate Dinner to that outstanding Dinner Party that will have your quest raving! You will learn what a Mise en place is and you will learn other techniques. So from conception to completion you will be the STAR of the show!

"Entertaining Ideas"
4/6 Weeks, 1 Evening/Day per week 
Duration 2 hours

Prepare yourself for a Dinner Party, Buffet or any Family Occasion
The class will help you to prepare the perfect menu 

Just the Basics
4/6 Weeks, 1 Evening/Day per week 
Duration 2 hours

This class was designed with the novice in mind to learn and garner the essentials of cooking from a Professional Chef and to help remove insecurities and build your confidents in the kitchen.

"The Ultimate Dining In Experience"
1 Lunchtime/Evening
Duration 2 hours
Includes Lunch/Dinner

FYI did you know that STAYING IN, is the new going out!! Have you ever desired to have that restaurant in the kitchen, with The Chef experience? Why go to the restaurant when you can have that same experience with family, friends, and colleagues in the privacy and intimacy of your own home or space and your very own Professional, Classically Trained Chef. Sit back and relax or join in the preparation of a delectable feast tailored by yours truly while you learn to prepare an outstanding meal.

Gone Fishing Cooking Courses
4 Weeks, 1 Evening Class
per week for 4 weeks
Classes are 2 Hours Duration

this course of instruction offers great possibility and opportunity to learn many
different, exciting and delicious ways to cook fish. The rivers and oceans are vast and they offer up so many delicacies than we could ever imagine. This class is a fish lovers dreams an it gives a not so sure, speculative student an opportunity to give you a chance at something spectacular on boarder and intimate scale.

Healthy Eating Course
 With Greg O Inc.
6 Weeks, 1 Day or 1 Evening Class
 per week for 6 weeks
 Classes are 2 Hours Duration

Greg OInc. provides a course of healthy eating classes
 where you can learn how to eat yourself healthy
If you are looking for the prefect way to lose weight and combine
a healthy diet with your exercise routine this is the best way
to effectively & safely get into the best shape of your life
Classes are run throughout the day & evening
All recipes are based on using the freshest, healthiest ingredients available
  The Healthy Eating Classes show you how to cook light, wholesome meals
without compromising on flavor

Spring & Summer Cooking Affair 
4 Weeks, 1 Day or 1 Evening Class
 per week for 4 weeks
Classes are 2 Hours Duration

Learn all you need to know about Spring & Summer Entertaining and
Get great tips & recipes on cooking, grilling indoors and outdoors that will make you a hit with family and guest.

Harvest Time Cooking
6 Weeks, 1 Day or 1 Evening Class per week for 6 weeks
Classes are 2 Hours Duration

THIS IS IT! Professionals, Foodies and Novices alike would agree that there is nothing like Harvest Time. That is when everything is coming in from protein to produce. We all look forward to what The Harvest will bring. It provides us an opportunity to slow down a bit, smell the aroma and savor myriad of the bounty. In this class not only will you learn how to create a multitude of festive and savory meals but also the confidents to do so! Imagine this you wont only create great meals for your family but youll also create great new memories for your family and friends. See the Possibilities and Remember entertaining is Fundamental.

Personal Chef Session
 with Greg O Inc.
Class Duration: 3 Hours

Private Chef Sessions are available to anyone who would like to have 
individual classes tailored to their own needs
If you find you have no time in the kitchen or just
want to get some new interesting ideas
Pick up invaluable information specific about how to make your life easier
 for you when it comes to preparing exciting dishes
to organizing your kitchen and save money buying the right equipment or to
Finding out where to source the best local ingredients and all the
 best places to shop for food in your community. Well your wait is over; just contact us so that we can set it up!

Specialize Cooking Workshop (One Session)
Class Duration: 3 Hours

The Specialize Cooking Classes are for people who would like to 
learn more about a particular style of cooking
The class will go into more detail about the selected subject matter.


Our Specialized Classes include:
Culinary Lectures
Food Service Sanitation, Cooking as a Life Skill, Cooking with Spirits, Healthier Cooking Made easier, etc. These classes can General or Subject specific depending on the needs of the client.

Dinner Party Menus
Make dinner parties, family occasions & entertaining easy & enjoyable
for everyone, including the cook!! 

Italian/Vegetarian/French/African/ Cooking
 Learn how to make delicious authentic Global Cusine for everyday use

"Easy Dinners for Busy People"
Learn quick and easy recipes for people on the go

 Desserts & Pastry
Learn delicious Desserts & Pastry recipes

These classes are ideal for Individuals, Groups, Social Gatherings, Corporate or Small Business Team Building, Youth, Seniors, etc

Serving Chicago and its Suburbs