Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chefs Gregory Johnson Sr. & Mildred Johnson are members of APPCA

Personal Chef International Code of Ethics

Certified Personal Chef
Food Manager
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Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Served as Culinary Arts Instructor for: Washburne Culinary Institute, Kennedy-King College, Triton College.

Personal Chef Serving Chicago and its Suburbs

Welcome to Personal Chef GREG’O®!

My name is Gregory Johnson Sr. and GREG’O® is the culmination of years of dreaming to own and operate a personal chef business that makes my heart smile and indulges my passion for the culinary arts. As a personal chef, I am truly honored and blessed to be able to nurture time-stressed individuals, couples and families with delicious, soul-satisfying meals.

As a busy professional personal chef, I understand the time and energy constraints facing today’s single professionals and two-career families. While we all know that we should eat better and pay more attention to our nutrition, many of us are prevented from doing so. We simply don’t have the time to research nutrition, learn cooking techniques and take the other steps necessary to provide highly-nutritious and delicious food for ourselves and our loved ones. Regrettably, it is often much easier to stop by the local fast food establishment, order in a pizza, or grab something from the grocer’s freezer that is filled with preservatives, dyes and chemicals.

Now imagine this scenario for a moment:

It has been a difficult day at work or an exhausting day of chauffeuring the children. You finally arrive home and take a moment to turn on the oven. You slip into more comfortable clothes and place the delicious and visually pleasing meal that was prepared specifically for your tastes into the oven to warm. You feel good that your family is eating nutritionally complete meals that are prepared in the safety of your home with fresh wholesome ingredients. You start to notice a marvelous aroma drifting from the oven and your mouth waters in anticipation of enjoying a meal that you did not have to shop for, prepare, or go out to a restaurant for. You pour yourself a delightful glass of wine and put your feet up while enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. In a few moments your meal will be ready to enjoy.

Does this sound good? Our personal chef services can make this scenario a reality for you. If you are like most persons in your situation, convenience dictates that you are probably eating out several times a week or spending countless hours a week on menu planning, shopping, cooking and clean up. Let us give you back those hours so that they may be better used relaxing or enjoying your family.

Please browse my website and feel free to contact personal chef Grego. I am happy to answer any questions. Bon appetite!

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